Would you like to know what it's all about? Would you like to take a journey following the path of St. Francis?

It is a rigorous process of becoming a member of a religious Order. It takes commitment and wanting to take a journey that is fulfilling. Helping those who are in need of help and being helped at the same time. To take vows in a religious community and to strive to reach the same goal. 

Receiving the calling to a religious life is not for everyone but for those who do Receive this call it is so rewarding.

Formation in the Franciscan Order of the Divine Mercy includes:

Postulancy is the beginning of the formal inquiry process. Once approved for postulancy, the postulant will spend a minimum of 6 months learning more about the Order and its Rule and practices, and completing simple formation assignments. A background check and attendance at Chapter or a local convocation are required for all postulants prior to entering the novitiate. There may be other requirements as defined by the Minister of Formation.

When a postulant has accomplished their requirements of a postulancy, and is approved by the Bishop Protector and Minister General, the postulant makes initial profession as a novice. Novitiate is the first stage of membership and normally lasts for 2 years under the supervision of the Minister General.

Life Profession
After completing the above and with approval of the Order, the novice makes life profession as a member of this Order, with all the rights and responsibilities of the Order.

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